Edible Chocolate Nails Are A Real Thing NowIs this a fashion trend you could get behind?
The iPhone 8 Is Going To Be INSANE If These Rumors Are True
This Is How Much The Average DFW Rent Went Up This YearDo you feel like your rent has gone up?
People Are Mistaking Toilet Bowl Cleaners For Bath BombsWhy do people think these are bath bombs?
Kylie Jenner Has The Biggest Christmas Tree You Have Ever SeenThat thing is MASSIVE!
Zac Efrons Abs In New "Baywatch" Teaser Are INSANE!Wonder how long he had to workout to get these abs?
This Giant Spider Eating A Lizard Right Next To A Family Will Give You NightmaresThis is will keep you up at night!
Little Boy Says He Was Fat Shamed By SantaWhy would he say that?
Cheetos Has Their Own Bronzer In Case You Want That Perfect Orange Glow!They have mixed food and makeup! It's kind of genius!
Dad Has Most Adorable Way Ever To Keep Shampoo Out Of Daughters EyesThis is genius! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?
You Can Now Buy Fireball In A Massive BoxBecause, why not?
Christmas Trees In Manhattan Are Going For $1,000 Or MoreI wish we were making this up, but we aren't

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