Study Shows Swearing Relieves Both Physical And Emotional PainLoud is good when it comes to therapeutic swearing. Researchers in New Zealand found that saying swear words help relieve pain – such as when you stub your toe.
People Who Swear More Often Are More HonestInteresting study from psychologists at the University of Cambridge: people who swear more often are more honest than those who don't.
Does Cursing Increase Your Verbal Abilities?No effing way.
British Swear Words We Need To Start Using ImmediatelyToo often, we get bleeped on air for using some colorful curse words in our vocabulary, but maybe we should use these instead to avoid the BLEEP?!
VIDEO: Joan Rivers F Bombs Her Way Back Onto The Tonight Show!Check out Joan Rivers' hilarious appearance on The Tonight Show after a 28 year ban.
News Anchor Curses On His First Day On First Job; Gets Fired
Massachusetts Town Starts Handing Out Tickets For Swearing
Weather Anchor Curses Storms Off Camera On Live TV

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