Woman Falls Through Open Street Hatch Because She Was Too Busy TextingAnd that's why you don't text and walk!
Target Is Turning Shopping Carts into Mario Karts and This Doesn't Seem Dangerous at AllIs this genius or dangerous?
Small Texas Town Could Become The New Dumping Ground For Nuclear WasteThe Dallas-based Waste Control Specialists, which focuses on the disposal of radioactive waste, applied for federal approval that would bring waste to its storage site just outside of the small West Texas town of Andrews.
Study Shows Flag Football As Dangerous As Tackle FootballAccording to surprising new data, the answer to concussions is not to eliminate the tackles.
Eating Raw Cookie Dough Is Way More Dangerous Than You Think!
Study: Body Fat More Dangerous Than Body SizeThin does not equal healthy, according to new research. The scale doesn’t tell the whole story when it comes to the health risks of being overweight.
These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Weight-Loss Products On The Market!
Fort Worth Children Found Staples Inside Their Halloween Candy
Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Texas! You Might Be Shocked Who Made The List
#SunBurnArt Is A Real Thing And It's Ridiculously Dangerous!
Are Your Gel Manicures Dangerous? Here Is What You Need To Know!
The Most Dangerous Sexual Position!

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