Dallas Dentist Innovates Mobile Dental OfficeWhen dentist Michael Fooshée first moved to Dallas from Oklahoma, he would always hear how business professionals would like to go to the dentists more often, but it was just too hard to find the time.
Flossing Is A Lie! It Does NOT Prevent Cavities!When you go to the dentist, what's the first question they ask you? Do you floss? If you're honest, the dentist will make you feel guilty about not doing it. So, most of us just lie.
Scientists Unveil ‘Regenerative Tooth Fillings’ That Could Be The End of Root CanalsGoing to the dentist may soon be less scary. Researchers call it a “new paradigm for dental treatments.” Regenerative dental fillings which allows teeth to heal themselves, thus eliminating the need for root canals.
According To Poll 1/3 Of People Would Rather Go To Dentist Than Be Seen In A BikiniWould you rather be seen in a bikini or go to the dentist? In a recent survey, 1,000 people were asked that very question, and the results may surprise you.
Man Goes To Dentist With Nearly 20 Extra Teeth (Photo)A 28-year-old man went to the dentist after the pain from his extra teeth was just too much to handle.
Cecil The Lion: Dentist Who Killed Lion Says He Is Returning To His Practice
Add "Lion Killer Dentist Costume" To The Highly Offensive Halloween Costume List!
Cecil The Lion's Killer Closes Office And Goes MissingSee pictures of the protesters outside his practice.
Read the Apology From Lion Killer, Dr. PalmerThe Minnesota dentist who shot and killed Cecil the Lion sent a letter to his patients yesterday, denying any criminal intentions and apologizing for what he did.
Mia Farrow Tweeted Out The Address Of The Dentist Who Shot #CecilTheLion
Office Manager Accused Of Operating On Patients While Dentist Was Out Of The Office!*Photo used for illustration purposes only, not actual suspect.*
Charlie Sheen Pulls Knife On Dentist

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