Mac & Cheese Pizza Combines Foods So Comfortable It'll Make You Want To Take A NapMac and cheese is great. Pizza is awesome. What happens when combine the two? Is that even legal?
Regular Women Try The Victoria's Secret Diet For A WeekA couple of regular women wanted to put themselves to the ultimate stress test. Candace Lowry and Michelle Khare teamed up for a new video on YouTube. They spent 4 days eating like a supermodel does for 9 days right before she has to go on the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Angels show.
Want To Get Buff Like The Rock? You Need To Eat Like The Rock, Which Includes 800 Pounds Of Cod Per Year!It's really not that difficult to get as buff as The Rock, ya know.
Zac Efron Cut Out Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, And Basically Fun From His Diet To Get Ripped For "Baywatch"Just in case you weren't aware, Zac Efron got more ripped than usual for his upcoming role in Baywatch.
The Best Foods For Your BrainHave you heard of the Mind Diet?
Have You Tried The Taco Cleanse?OMG our dreams just came true.
What If Every Diet Plan Was Honest In Their Advertising?How's that New Year's resolution coming along? As you can imagine, the majority of us are on diets, trying to get those extra Christmas pounds off.
Diet Coke Could Be Discontinued Soon!WAIT! WHAT?
New Diet Plan Has People Swallowing Balloons!We have seen some weird diet plans, but this takes it to a whole new level.
Man Loses 70 Pounds In 100 Days Eating Potatoes And BeerYou know the theory that Potatoes are bad for your weight loss? Well one Australian man is doing his job to de-bunk that myth.
The Nacho Diet Is A Real Thing!
Rob Kardashian Has Lost 40 Pounds

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