Dallas International Film Festival to Honor Bill Paxton
DIFF 2013: Keep An Eye Out For "The Kings Of Summer""The Kings of Summer" is a brilliant coming-of-age movie destined to become an instant classic.
DIFF 2013: "Chasing Shakespeare" Review"Chasing Shakespeare" is a compelling mix of magic, folklore, and Shakespeare that combine to make an irresistible love story. Don't miss your chance to see this film tonight!
Michael Urie Chats About His Directorial Debut And His Films At DIFF 2013Michael Urie, star of "Ugly Betty" & "Partners," visited the studio this morning to share about the films he's involved with currently screening at the Dallas International Film Festival.
DIFF 2013: "He's Way More Famous Than You" ReviewPlano native Michael Urie directs his first narrative film about an indie starlet who loses her boyfriend, agent, and career right after another. "He's Way More Famous Than You" is non-stop hilarious from beginning to end.
DIFF 2013: "Petunia" ReviewThree sons attempt to unlearn the upbringing of their psychoanalyst parents in an attempt to find normal in the film "Petunia."
Lite's Review Room: DIFF - "Comic-Con: Episode IV - A Fan's Hope"
Lite's Review Room: DIFF - "Juan Of The Dead"
Lite's Review Room: DIFF - "An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty"
Lite's Review Room: DIFF - "Hello I Must Be Going"
Lite's Review Room: DIFF - The Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best
Lite's Review Room: DIFF - "Mariachi Gringo"

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