If You're Thinking About Ordering A Prom Dress Online, Don't. Let These Dress Disasters Serve As A Warning.Prom should be a special occasion for all those that attend. It's the culmination of your long high school career, and your chance to finally let loose and enjoy the night with your friends.
Mariah Carey Gets Trolled By An NBA Mascot After Her Lip-Sync Snafu!Should we feel bad for laughing at this?
Was he Smashed? Johnny Depp slurs and curses during speech
Mayan Descendants Aren't Worried About ApocalypseIt's the end of the world as we know it... or is it? While the rest of us stock up for the apocalypse, the Mayans are planning New Year's Eve parties.
Hurricane Sandy Video: 3 Trees Falling And A Fire

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