Just A Dog Getting His Summer Workout OnWorkout goals right here!
Brave Dog Defends Yard by Chasing a Bear AwayThis little guy is the neighborhood hero!
High School Student Creates Matching Prom Dress For DogEverywhere a dog is allowed, high school student Brenda Sierra makes sure to bring Sasha with her.
Stray Puppy Covered In Glue And Thrown In Mud Left For Dead, Makes Miraculous RecoveryPascal's skin was badly damaged from the chemicals in the glue, and he became about as stiff as a statue. One of his ears even became necrotic due to being starved of blood.
This Dog Dosen't like the Roomba, So She Turns it Off
Canine Corner: AvaLook at this sweet smile and waggy tail!
WATCH: Dog Reunites With His Owner After He Spent 5 Weeks In The HospitalHe didn't recognize his owner, who lost 50 lbs, until he sniffed him.
Everybody is Loving this Classy Bow Tie Wearing Dog sitting on a Delta Flight
Watch This Dog Desperately Cling onto His Status of Baby of the HouseThis dog is every first-born child when they discover they have a sibling.
What Your Dog's Guilty Look MeansA biologist with the City University of New York has a theory that could explain that expression on the face of our beloved canines.
Police Arrest Nigel The Chihuahua For "Serious Anger Issues"Officers found him running around the streets around 3:30 in the morning, but had a little difficulty trying to wrangle the pup in.
Best Dog Ever Holds Beer For His OwnerThis is a very god boy.

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