California Becomes First State To Ban Sale Of Non-Rescue Cats, Dogs, And RabbitsThe bill was put in the motion to both cut down on financial support for these "puppy mills," where some dogs have been found to live in deplorable conditions, as well as promote the adoption of homeless pets
Disney World Will Now Allow Families To Let Their Dogs Stay With Them In Hotel
Canine Corner: JazzieThose fuzzy wuzzy ears are too cute!
Cameras Capture The Emotional Moment An Owner Reunites With His Dog Displaced By HarveyThousands upon thousands of animals were displaced from their owners due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey.  
Canine Corner: CrosbyJust look at the sweet face!
Southwest Airlines Flew Cabin Full Of Dogs And Cats Rescued From Shelter’s Due To Hurricane HarveySouthwest Airlines decided to take matters into their own hands and flew a cabin full of 64 dogs and cats from over crowded Texas shelters to San Diego, California to find their forever homes.
Canine Corner: MochaLook at this adorable lil' lap dog!
Canine Corner: TinkerThat smile though!
Here's a List of Great Places and Parks to Take your Dog for the Day
Canine Corner: CJ-- ADOPTEDThis sweet, old man needs a loving home to live out his golden years.
California Community Worried Their Pets Are Being Stalked By The Deadly ChupacabraA quaint Southern California town is under attack, if its residents have any say in the matter.
Canine Corner: Nico

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