VIDEO: Another Dolphin Dies After People Begin Taking Photos With It
Watch This Dolphin Grab A Woman's iPad Out Of Her Hands At Sea World!This dolphin is pretty sneaky!
State Park Tows Dead Dolphin Off Beach Behind Truck In Front Of Families!People are really upset about this!
Watch: Beached Baby Dolphin Be Saved By BeachgoerAwesome video! A tour guide has saved a baby dolphin washed up on a beach in the southern African country of Namibia.
Man Claims He Had Consensual Sex With A Dolphin And There Is A Movie About It
Tourists In Argentina Kill Baby Dolphin After Taking It Out Of Water For SelfiesSelfies are starting to become a problem. Selfies can be dangerous. Whether it's the guy who fell off a cliff trying to take a selfie, or the guy who accidentally shot himself in the head trying to pose for his selfie; selfies can kill. And now it's happened to a poor innocent baby dolphin.
Picture Of 'Sea Monster' Captured In GreeceThe Greeks haven't been doing too well financially speaking, so hopefully the news of a " sea monster" being captured in their waters will entice tourist to visit the beautiful country and help out their economy by spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars there just so they can get a glimpse of this "strange creature". (just saying)
Dolphin Rescues iPhone From Ocean Floor (VIDEO)Miami Heat dancer Teressa Cee recently had the opportunity to swim with dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean…
This Woman Wants A Dolphin To Deliver Her Baby! Seriously, She Does!
Man Says He Was "Seduced" By A Dolphin
Penguins And Polar Bears And Dolphins! Oh My!
Curious Cat Wants Dolphin Kisses!

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