Americans Are Drinking More, Cause Deaths, Study Says
Witnesses Say Bachelor In Paradise Star Corinne Olympios "Was On A Whole Other Level" DrunkLooks like there are witnesses to corroborate Corrine Olympios's story.
Unruly Passenger Tackled and Tied to the Seat on Southwest FlightThe Southwest Airlines Flight was preparing to depart from Las Vegas and heading to Chicago.
College Student Juggles For Officers To Get Out Of A DUIDriving too slow is suspicious. However, there are a couple of reasons why you might be going under the speed limit...your brake lights are're looking for an address...or you're drunk!
A Drunk Ed Sheeran Once Hit Justin Bieber In The Face With A Golf ClubHow many of us after a night out found our way to the middle of a deserted golf course trying to hit balls out of our mouths?
Drunk Drivers In Canada Will Be Punished By Having To Listen To Nickelback All The Way To The JailThis is hilarious! I know some people that would actually love this!
Woman Gets Busted Driving Drunk And Blames It On Donald Trump!Now this is an excuse we have never heard before!
Drakes New Whiskey Will Put You On Your Butt! LITERALLY!His new whiskey packs a punch!
12-Year-Old Texas Boy Leads Police On Drunken Car Chase!This is crazy! So glad he didn't hurt anyone!
This Boozy Ice Cream Will Actually Get You Drunk!Ice cream that will get you drunk? Sure! Why not?
These Women Swear The Coffee They Were Drinking Got Them Drunk!Could coffee have gotten these women drunk!
Drunk Man Survives An 11 Story Fall From A BalconyIf you're going to fall eleven stories and live to tell about, it's probably a good idea that it happened when you were drunk!

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