Golfers Everywhere Are Running Their Friends Over With Carts (Video)Now we don't know how this latest trend started, or how much it'll improve your short game, or even if this is smart at all to try and attempt, but if anything, it definitely is hilarious.
Teachers Reveal The Dumbest Questions Ever Asked To Them By StudentsWe are smack dab in the middle of summer vacation, and we know all you teachers are savoring the precious days of freedom before the school year begins again.  
The Salt And Ice Challenge Is The Latest Craze Back To Prove Teeangers Don't Think Things ThroughThe "Salt and Ice Challenge" is an internet craze that once again is sweeping the teenage world.
Man Shoots Himself In The Face For Music VideoKasper the Phantom is an up and coming rapper who wanted to make waves with a new music video. Unfortunately, he couldn't find a cameraman to film him, because he wanted to shoot himself in the face!!
Here Are The Dumb Questions People In Texas Google
Hilarious Photo of Man Trying to Fit Sofa Inside of a Car
These Are The Most Idiotic Lawsuits Of All Time! People Can Sue For Anything!This is insane! Why would you sue for these things!
People Are Really Dumb! Someone Thought Oreo Was Spelled The Same Forward And Backward! SMH!
Local Man Arrested After Attempting To Pull Over Actual Police OfficerThere is such a thing as "too much creativity." Here's an example: say, hypothetically, you want to bypass traffic late at night. You could, hypothetically, invest in some cheap imitations of police lights and -- again hypothetically -- install them in your own vehicle. That would hypothetically cause other drivers to get out of your way if you hypothetically abused the purchase to impersonate an officer of the law. Or you could just do away with the hypotheticals all together.
The Dumbest Things Patients Have Ever Said To Doctors! WOW!
How "Dumb" Is Your Favorite Music?According to a new study pretty dumb.
We May Have Found The Dumbest People Alive!

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