Let Us Introduce The Taco Bell Breakfast Taco With A Fried Egg As The ShellWhen we reflect on the great innovators and creators of our time, no doubt the chefs at Taco Bell deserve a place among the elite.
We're Now Putting Cadbury Creme Eggs On Pizza. This Isn't Funny Anymore.Ok we all had a good laugh when people were dipping their pizza in milk. It was gross, but hey, anything for a laugh, right? But then we started putting Peeps on pizza, and it got serious. Stop messing around or something worse could happen, we said.
Taylor Swift Takes Easter Egg Hunts Very Serious, And It's Adorable
More Turkey Talk With TotsThe cuteness continues with more Turkey Talk with the tots from Wonderland Montessori Academy in McKinney!
10 Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas
Woman Confesses Egg Prank To MomJust in time for Mother's Day, this morning listener Toni dropped the bomb on her mom Betty about a prank she pulled with friends.
Aussie's Egg Justin Bieber
[Poll] What's Happening In Lady Gaga's Egg/Pod/Cocoon At The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

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