Dedicated Employee Delivers Pizza Straight Through the G20 ProtestsNot all heroes wear capes!
Lunch Lady Says She Was Fired For Giving Food To Hungry Kids Who Couldn't PayA school cafeteria worker in Ohio says she's been fired for giving food to students who couldn't pay.
McDonald's Worker Saves Off Duty Police officer in Florida
Dallas Based Southwest Airlines Named One Of The Best Jobs For Employee BenefitsGlassdoor recently named Southwest Airlines one of the 20 best employers who provide benefits that "go beyond the basics and enter legendary status."
Abandoned Dog Finds A New Home (And New Job) At A Gas Station In BrazilHe's a good boy.
Wendy's Employee Shamelessly Self-Promoted His Mixtape on The Sign!What he had to say about it was even funnier!
New Study Shows 3-Day Work Week Is Most Productive For EmployeesWe can get on board with this!
Average Employee Spend $3,300 Per Year To Go To WorkFile this under you have to ‘spend money to make money.’ A survey from CareerBuilder found that we spend a whole bunch of cash just to have a job. $276 per month! Yep, more than 3 grand per year on work-related things.
Whataburger Employee Fired After Fight Was Caught On VideoA fight in the parking lot of a Whataburger in Tyler, TX has resulted in the termination of the employee caught in the scuffle.
Enterprise Employee Goes Viral After Holding Mom's Baby While She Rents A CarEven if you aren't a parent, you know that having a baby can sometimes be a handful. Now, imagine there are two babies, you need to get a rental car, and you only have a stroller for one child.
This Chick-Fil-A Employee Entertaining People In The Drive Thru Will Give You Life!
These Bank Employees Were Spanked By Their Manager For 'Not Exceeding Themselves'

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