High School Senior Writes College Application Essay About Pizza; Gets Accepted Into YaleWhen tasked with writing about something she loves to do for a college application, high school senior Carolina Williams knew exactly what to do.
Jennifer Lawrence Writes Essay On Gender Wage EqualityI felt compelled to read Jennifer’s essay. Most of us girls have been there at some point, or are still there. (No disrespect by calling us ‘girls.’) Many actresses and actors like Bradley Cooper have shared and posted her article with a big thumbs up. More important, she’s shining a light on something still so pervasive in workplaces. After all, she admits, she’s making millions. Just millions less than her co-stars.
Patton Oswalt Responds To Boston Tragedy With Eloquent EssayComedian Patton Oswalt pens an eloquent essay to remind us that the goodness of humanity will always out weigh the bad.
Beyonce's Brand Of Feminism: How She Made The F-Word Accessible

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