Britney Spears Ex Killed By The Taliban!
Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Meet - Awkward!!!
Woman Arrested For Calling Ex 77 Thousand Times In One WeekAt least she not a quitter.
Throwing Our Exes Under The BusSheryl Crow might have blown the whistle on her ex, Lance Armstrong. We shared about the times we've thrown our exes under the bus.
Museum Of Broken Relationships Displays Relics Of Past LovesThe Museum of Broken Relationships displays items donated from old loves and past relationships.
KillSwitch App Will Erase Your Ex From FacebookThere's a new Facebook app that will erase all traces of your ex from your Facebook.
Rihanna Confirms Chris Brown On Track Listing For "Unapologetic"The pop singer is going for broke with the concept, releasing her official track listing via Twitter today and confirming a track with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.
Woman Finds Her Ex Living In Her AtticA South Carolina woman found an ex-boyfriend living in the attic of her home after he was released from jail recently.
Dentist Gets Revenge By Pulling Out All The Teeth Of Her Ex-Boyfriend
Wednesday's Delilah's Dilemma, Feelings For The Past

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