Charlie Hunnam Says He Did 1,000 Push Ups A Day On Set Of "King Arthur," Director Guy Ritchie Says "Not So Much"There's no denying that King Arthur and former Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam is in incredible shape. How he got that way, however, is a topic of debate between Hunnam and King Arthur's director Guy Ritchie.
Beer Yoga Is The Latest Workout CrazeLove beer, but hate the calories? You should try Beer Yoga!
Lose Weight While You Sleep! Gym Offering New "Nap-ercise" ClassesWhile the fool on the treadmill might technically "burn more calories" or whatever, napping in the middle of the day can help you feel better rested and less stressed, leading to a more productive rest of your day.
101-Year-Old Woman Wins Gold In 100m Dash At World Masters Games (Video)Mon Kaur only really started getting involved in athletics at the age of 93.
Iggy Azalea Claims To Have Lost 15 Pounds In One Week By TwerkingIggy Azalea did so much twerking in her music video for her single "Mo Bounce," she lost 15 pounds in just one week.
Tarek El Moussa of “Flip Or Flop” Gets Over Marriage Issues By Getting RippedNot only are Flip Or Flop stars Christina and Tarek El Moussa in talks with HGTV to continue moving forward and hopefully with Season 8, Tarek has moved forward… physically! This guy is now absolutely RIPPED!
Personal Trainer Launches First "Nude-ercise" Class; All Participants Are Completely NakedThe class has been described as a "gentle boot-camp style exercise with partner games and teamwork' suitable for all fitness levels."
Exercise In A Pill?Researchers in Australia have developed a pill that tricks the body into thinking it’s just gone through an intense workout, and is particularly aimed at those who need it most.
Study: Regular Exercise Saves You Thousands of Dollars Each YearIf thinner thighs or a flatter belly aren’t motivation enough, could a larger savings account inspire you to exercise regularly?
Taking a Hot Bath Shows Similar Benefits to ExerciseWhat a dreamy headline! Who knew that we can get out of exercise… I mean, enhance our health dramatically… by taking a hot bath. A new study out of England shows that a half hour bath gets your metabolism going, reduces blood pressure and burns the equivalent calories as a 30 minute brisk walk. Our bodies release the same proteins when exposed to exercise or heat.
Study: 1-Minute of Intense Exercise May Have Big-Time Health BenefitsSprint more, jog less. Research is showing that less can be more when it comes to exercise. I’m smiling – are you? You still need to combine the intense minute with a few more minutes of active -- but not much.
Watch Sybil's And Rebekah's Dogs Train Like Pro AthletesOur dogs are amazing athletes.

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