America's Bacon Reserve Hits An All Time Low; Price Could SkyrocketOver the span of a year, from December 2015 to December 2016, America's supply of frozen pork belly, which is used to make bacon, fell from 53.4 million pounds to 17.8 million pounds.
The Cost Of Raising A Child Balloons Up To $233,000 From Birth To Adulthood!The data only covers costs until the child is 17, too, so throw all college expenses on top of that $200K.
This Is How Much The Average DFW Rent Went Up This YearDo you feel like your rent has gone up?
What's Better? Cheap Pasta VS Expensive PastaPasta la vista, baby.
Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium Is The Second Most Expensive Stadium To See A Game At!The most expensive stadium to go to might shock you!
What's Better? Cheap Sushi VS Expensive SushiYou can find anything on the internet, including videos of people eating food. Seriously, who would have ever imagined a video about watching two guys eat sushi could go super-viral!
Starbucks Is About To Raise Their Drink Prices And You Need To Know About It
The World's Most Expensive Handbag Has Been SoldThe world's most expensive handbag has been sold at an auction in Hong Kong.
Dixie Chicks The Most Expensive Concert TicketDallas really loves the Dixie Chicks, making them the most expensive Summer Concert Ticket.
Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You To Have The Most Expensive Orgasm EVER!!!
Your Netflix Bill Is About To Go Up And Most People Have No Clue!
The Oscars Goodie Bag Comes In At A Whopping $250,000! WOW!How can we get our hands on one of these bad boys?

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