Marriage Proposal Goes Wrong and Literally Slips Through the CracksWell that took an unexpected turn!
Facebook Was Forced to Shut down AI Bots After They Created Their Own LanguageIt's like something out of a movie.
[AUDIO] Kesha Breaks Silence After Jerry Seinfeld Hug Shutdown
If You're Thinking About Ordering A Prom Dress Online, Don't. Let These Dress Disasters Serve As A Warning.Prom should be a special occasion for all those that attend. It's the culmination of your long high school career, and your chance to finally let loose and enjoy the night with your friends.
Harry Styles Tried To Stage Dive And Crashed Directly Onto The FloorHarry Styles is the epitome of cool right now. However, even he probably had a hard time playing off this incident in any sort of "Rico Suave" manner.
A Man's Scoreboard Proposal Goes So Very Wrong It HurtsOur hearts go out to this poor guy!
Sofia Vergara Rides An Inflata-Bull In The Pool & Hysterically FailsInflata-Bull - 1 Sofia Vergara - 0
Viral Video Of Teen Suffering Gym Class Disaster
Pizza Places Tried To Make A Ton Of Heart Shaped Pies For Valentine's Day. A Lot Of Them Failed.
Mariah Carey Has A Thanksgiving Photoshop Fail And People Are Calling Her Out!This is pretty obvious! WOW!
Man Tries To Set Gas Station On Fire After Being Caught Steeling CheetosAs gasoline oozed onto the ground, Crook threw a lit cigarette, hoping flames would engulf the station and he could get away clean with his bag of cheetos.
People Are Really Upset Over Victoria Secrets Alleged Photoshop FailDo you see anything wrong with this photo?

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