Usher Is Really Bad At Paddle-BoardingUsher can sing and dance. He can pretty much do it all...except paddle-board.
Tiny Grandma Standing On A Stool, Falls Into The Crib While Putting The Baby To BedBeing short is the worst. Your pants are always too long. You can't reach anything above the first shelf in the kitchen. And don't even get us started on sitting in tall chairs! Short people problems, am I right?
Couple On Honeymoon Films The Moment Hurricane Matthew Rips Through Their Hotel WallThis is crazy! Glad they are okay!
Bella Hadid Eats It On The RunwayShe played this off like a champ!
Laugh It Up With These Epic Gymnastics FailsIn the spirit of the Olympics, enjoy these (sometimes painful-looking) gymnastics accidents.
VIDEO: Boy Falls 20 Feet Off Ski Lift And Caught By Strangers!This is the craziest thing we have ever seen! So glad he is okay!
12-Year-Old Boy Trips And Punches Hole In Centuries-Old Precious Art Work
A Crane Fell On The Dallas Museum Of Art Today
Luke Bryan Falls Off Stage At Concert
Model Has Trouble On Runway

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