Vacations, Shoes, Wine, And Everything Else Inside The 2017 Emmy's Insane Gift bagEven though only a handful of actors, writers, and production people walked away with an Emmy last night, the other nominees did not leave empty-handed.
Calvin Klein Offering $2,000 Sweater That Is Completely See-ThroughWe've been privy to some interesting fashion ventures through the years.  
Adidas Launches Beer And Vomit Proof SneakersOktoberfest is almost here, and to get you prepared, Adidas is launching a brand new pair of sneakers perfect for those of us who will take full advantage of the holiday.
So Why Are We Not Allowed To Wear White After Labor Day?Where did this silly rule come from?
New "Butt Crack" Jeans Are Perfect For Showing Off The Lower Back Tattoo You Got In The 2000sFor all of you who bought into the lower back tattoo trend in the 2000s, fashion retailer ASOS wants you to show it off loud and proud with their new jeans.  
And Now We Have Working Fidget Spinner NailsWhy, why, why won't the fidget spinner die?
Squiggle Brows Make Your Eyebrows Look Like Little Tiny Snakes!Just when you think they've thought of everything, we find out about Squiggle Brows.
Taylor Swift Continues With Snakes; Releases New Snake-Themed Jewelry And ClothingTo coincide with the release of the first single off her new upcoming album, Taylor Swift has announced some brand new items added to her online store.  
Nail Artist Uses Dead Bugs, Spiders, And Other Creepy Crawlies In Her ManicuresDeadly Beauty and Nails Studio is offering a manicure that will surely shock you as much as their infamous Vagina Nails.  
Police Are Looking For The Jorts Bandit. "His Disregard For The Law Is As Offensive As His Disregard For Fashion Trends."The St. Louis Police Department has a serial criminal on their hands, and his crimes against society are arguably just as bad as his crimes against fashion.
Gucci Is Selling Socks Completely Covered In Sequins For The Low Price Of $520Can you call yourself a fashionista if you're socks aren't up to par with the rest of your outfit?
How Do We Feel About The Latest Beauty Trend: Ear Makeup?One of the latest trends involves putting makeup...on your ears!  Up till now, an earring or two was enough to keep your lobes looking fresh, but it appears that this is no longer the case.  

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