Travel From Dallas To Austin In 20 Minutes? Texas Is One Step Closer To Hyperloop Project RealityThe traffic on 35E from Dallas to Austin (well anywhere, really) is no joke.
All Your Favorite Fast Food Chicken Nuggets RankedChicken nuggets may not be the healthiest to eat, but they're quick, salty, and really delicious, so it's imperative someone ranked the list of the best nuggets being offered today.
The Science Behind Choosing The Fastest Line At The Grocery StoreAfter spending hours doing your grocery shopping, the last thing you want to do is wait seemingly just as long in the line to check out.
Man Clocked Doing 208 MPH In Oklahoma!This guy was FLYING!
Queen Recorded A Fast Version Of "We Will Rock You," And It Is INCREDIBLE! Queen actually recorded a faster version of the classic, and it is AMAZING!
Usain Bolt Poses For Picture In The Middle Of A RaceIt's almost unfair! This is crazy!
Netflix Introduces A New Tool For Checking Internet SpeedNetflix is branching out.
Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit Restock Broke Google!
Chick-Fil-A Is Testing A Way To Get Your Food To You Faster In Those Crazy Long Lines!
Man Eats At 46 McDonald's In One Day!He said he couldn't walk the next day.
People Are Really Upset Because Their McDonalds Cheese Sticks Are Missing A Key IngredientI think they forgot a key ingredient
New Reports Say Gwen Stefani Is Pregnant With Blake Shelton's Baby!!

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