Just A Fat Squirrel Stealing An AvocadoPlease let this picture be real. Please let this picture be real. PLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAASE!!!!!!!!!
Our Cats and Dogs Are Getting FatterHow to keep our pets around longer? Keep them at their ideal weight.
Fat Beaver Stuck In Fence Finally Freed From City Workers (Photos)Awww this poor beaver found himself stuck in a fence in a city in Ontario.
Little Boy Says He Was Fat Shamed By SantaWhy would he say that?
This Airline Weighs Fat People Before They Can Fly!What do you think? Is this okay?
Average Weight of Men Has Increased 15 Pounds in 20 YearsAccording to government statistics, the average weight of American men has increased 15 pounds over the last 20 years – and we unfortunately can’t blame it on an increase in height.
This Has To Be The Fattest House Cat In The World!This cat is HUGE! WOW!
Tony Romo Responds To "Dad Bod" PicTony Romo showed up to Training Camp, and an unflattering picture made our Quarterback appear that he gained up to 20 or 30 pounds.
Tony Romo Shows Up To Training Camp Sporting "Dad Bod"Sadly, even the best athletes can find themselves under physical scrutiny. Unfortunately, body shaming isn't just for females.
The Average Woman Now Weighs As Much As The Average Man From The 1960'sHow does this happen?
Study: Pasta Does Not Make You FatWait… did I read that right? A study conducted in the land of pasta, Italy, has concluded that not only does pasta not contribute to obesity, it’s associated with a reduction in BMI, body mass index. Is that not the best news you’ve heard all day?
This Woman's Ex Forced Her To Stay Overweight And Her Story Is Actually Inspiring!

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