Pakistan Just Banned Valentine's Day
Have Doughnuts On The Brain? Kripsy Kreme Is Giving Them Away For Free ALL MONTH!Don't lie and say you do not want a doughnut right now.
NHL Celebrates Pro-LGBTQ Initiative 'Hockey Is for Everyone' This Month
More Than 33% Of Americans Have Dropped Their 2017 New Year's ResolutionThe first day of February not only means rent is due, but it marks the end of when many Americans New Year's resolution.
Here Is What's Coming And Going To Netflix In February!As each month comes to a close, we can always look forward to a few things: the rent will be due, our credit card statements are in, and new shows coming to Netflix!
Larry King's Cardiac Foundation Helps Cardiac Patients Who Can't Afford TreatmentLarry King wants to spread the word about Heart Health month and getting your own heart checked out.
Eddie Murphy Steps Down As Oscar Host

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