Yale University Drops Terms "Freshman" And "Upperclassman" In Favor Of Gender Neutral "First Year" And "Upper-Level Students"Dean Marvin Chun hopes that by the next academic year, all of Yale's official communications will contain the newly established gender neutral terms.
Student Animation Film Goes Viral For Exploring Same-Gender Crush!Beth David and Esteban Bravo wanted to share a special message with their college thesis project a year and a half ago.
Canadian Newborn Is First Baby Without Gender Marker On Birth CertificateKori Doty identifies as neither male or female, and wants their newborn baby to be able to do the same.
Oregon Now Allows You To Identify Your Gender As NonbinaryLast week, Oregon became the first state in the country to allow you to identify your gender as nonbinary on their driver's licenses.
Makeup Artist Spends Nearly $50,000 To Become A Genderless AlienMeet Vinny Ohh, a makeup artist from Los Angeles who has spent nearly $50,000 on plastic surgery procedures to remove his nipples, belly buttons, and even his genitalia to become a genderless alien.
Mansfield Dad Has AMAZING Dance Moves After Gender Reveal!This guy got his dance on, and we love it!
Balloon Store Messes Up Couples Gender Reveal!This is an absolute nightmare! Can you imagine?
Martin High School Vandalized With Racist And Anti-Trans GraffitiThere is some indication that would suggest the offender may have come from a rival high school.
This Elementary School Introduces First Gender Neutral Bathroom
Did Bruce Jenner Already Have Gender Reassignment Surgery?
VIDEO: Mom Freaks Out When Her 7th Child Is Finally A Girl
This Mom Is Fighting For A Gender-Neutral Toy Industry

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