Solar Eclipse Sunglasses Proving To Be Hottest Accessory Of 2017If you don't have a pair yet, chances are you won't have 'em in time.
8 Places In DFW Where You Can Watch The Solar EclipseOn Monday, August 21st, 2017, we will experience a total solar eclipse. Unfortunately, here in DFW, we won't get the full experience. About 75% of the sun will be blocked.
Colorblind Man Taken To Dallas Arboretum Where He Sees Color For The First TimeFor his entire life, Bobby Davis had only seen the world in shades of gray.
This Video of a Baby Seeing His Mother's Face Clearly for the First Time Will Make Your Day
Edible Starburst Shot Glasses Will Blow Your Mind!OMG! We have to try these!
This Baby Seeing The World For The First Time Will Brighten Your Day!Happy Monday!
Celebs Rocking Their GlassesMost of us need glasses, but thanks to these celebrities we can feel cool wearing them.
Jerry Wipes Sell Out In One Day
Instagram Glasses Make Your World Way Too Cool
Google's New Project Glass: Cool Or Crazy?
Kimberly Schlegel Whitman Has Tips For Cleaning Glasses
Kimberly Schlegel Whitman Is Making A Spectacle Of Herself

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