Tokyo Jewelry Store Offering $1.4 Million Gold Darth Vader Masks To Celebrate Film's 40th AnniversaryStar Wars nerds with deep pockets, the line forms to the left!
You Have To See Ceelo's Grammy Outfit To Believe ItHave you ever seen one of those human statues?
Matthew McConaughey Reveals How He Gained 45 Lbs For Movie Role: "It Was Pizza Night Every Night"It's not uncommon for actors nowadays to take their bodies to the absolute limit for their roles.
Want Flawless Skin? Apparently 24 Karat Gold Face Masks Are The Key.I mean if they do it, we probably should. Right?
Museum Offers Fully Functional 18K Gold Toilet For Public UseThe Guggenheim has decided to forget those practices, however, and have offered visitors the chance to interact with a piece of art created by Italian artist and sculptor Maurizio Cattelan.
Michael Phelps: "Normal Thing" To Pee In The PoolHe says not to worry, however, because the "chlorine kills it, so it's not bad."
Drake Bought Air Jordan's Made Out Of 24 Karat Gold!
You Can Now Buy A Rose Gold Apple MacBook! You Should Be Really Excited!
Petition Want's Caitlyn Jenner's Olympic Gold Medal Revoked Because She Competed Against The Wrong Gender
Who In Their Right Mind Would Buy A $18,000 Vibrator?
VIDEO: Boy Holds Most Adorable Funeral EVER For His Gold Fish!
Man Has "The Dress" Tattooed On His Leg And We Still Aren't Sure What Color It Is

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