Dancing Grandma at Dodgers Game Celebrates By Flashing The Jumbotron
Girl Sneaks Her Grandmothers Dog into Hospital
Grandma Does Keg Stand at Grandsons Graduation Party
Grandma Knits A Shark Blanket With A Strategically Placed FinThat's a fin! We swear!
Chimp Throws Poo At Grandma During A Visit To The ZooIf you don't learn another thing from here on out, for the rest of your life...know that chimps will always throw poo!
Alabama High School Won't Let Senior Take His Grandma To Prom, Fear Future Students Will Do It As A JokeEufaula High School senior Bryce Maine wanted to take his grandma to prom.
Let The Soothing Sounds Of Steve Urkel Sing You To SleepAre you having trouble sleeping? Do you toss and turn all night long? We may have a solution.
Amal & George Clooney Are Having A Boy & A GirlGod bless George Clooney's mother for spilling the beans about her precious grandbabies!
Starbucks New Holiday Drink Will Remind You Of Grandma's HouseThis sounds AMAZING! We need one in our lives right now!
Grandma Accidentally Invites A Total Stranger To Thanksgiving DinnerIt's no secret that Thanksgiving is the best of the eatin' holidays. There's always a lot of prep work involved between thawing and cooking a fifteen pound turkey, making a million different sides options to make all your guests happy, and don't forget the ever so glorious pumpkin pie.
Tiny Grandma Standing On A Stool, Falls Into The Crib While Putting The Baby To BedBeing short is the worst. Your pants are always too long. You can't reach anything above the first shelf in the kitchen. And don't even get us started on sitting in tall chairs! Short people problems, am I right?
Grandma Sends The Wrong Person Text About Thanksgiving And Now He Is Invited!Can we get an invite?

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