Man Has Eel Removed From Stomach After Sticking It Up His Bum Trying To Relieve ConstipationGoing down the list of remedies to help cure constipation, sticking an eel up your rear has to be pretty low on that list.
Here's Latest Pizza Craze and You're Not Going to Be Happy About ItThe internet is just trolling us at this point.
People Are Dipping Pizza In MilkOh heck to the no.
Woman Grows 7 Centimeter Mushroom Inside Of Her Stomach!Doctors in China recently removed several mushrooms growing inside of a 50-year-old woman's stomach, the largest one measuring 7 centimeters!
5 Pizzas No One Should Ever Consider Eating - EVER!Pizza is one of the most delicious guilty pleasure foods in existence, that is a known fact. People from all over the world LOVE it and prepare it in thousands of different ways, all delicious in their own light.
People Are Now Dipping Their Pizza In Their Milk Because Nothing Is Sacred AnymoreThere are some people who are now dipping their delicious slices of heavenly goodness into milk, as if it were a common cookie!
Scientists Determine Just How Much Pee Is In The Swimming PoolThe team studied two public pools of different sizes, one containing 110,000 gallons of water, with the other holding 220,000 gallons.
Doctors Remove Live Cockroach From Woman's Skull
Basketball Player Suffers Gruesome Injury When Eyeball Pops Out Of Socket (Video)Yes, this might be one of the worst sports injuries you will ever see, but professional basketball player Akil Mitchell is ok, is home, and is seeing fine.
Woman Chugs Fireball To Deal With MASSIVE Pimple Being Popped!This is the grossest thing you will watch all year! WOW!
Mom Accidentally Drinks A Cup Of Her Sons Semen!This makes us want to throw up!
Man Gets Bee Sting Lips By Having Actual Bees Sting His Lips! This Is Crazy!This guys lips are insane!

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