The 11 Habits Of Genuinely Likeable PeopleThere are plenty of ways to become a genuinely kind and likeable person, and it all starts with new habits you can develop right now.
Are These Things Annoying, Or Are You Just Too Sensitive? Take The Quiz And Find Out!We all have certain traits or habits we find annoying. Sorry. We can't help it.
New Verizon Device Gives Parents Access to Teens' Driving HabitsDoes your teen exceed the speed limit? When, where, and by how much? This info and other data is available with a new device called ‘Hum.’
These 4 Habits Are Making You Look WAY Older Than You Are!
These Celebrity Grooming Habits Are Really Weird
What Your Shower Habits Say About You
The 2015 Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions
WATCH: Jennifer Aniston's Fiance Has Surreptitious Closet Habits
BREAKING: Tove Lo To Join Kory For Daily Download Tuesday Night!Tune in to 103.7 KVIL at 9PM (CST) to hear the countdown, and keep track of all 5 songs to win SOLD OUT tickets to see The 1975 at Southside Ballroom!
FDA Proposes Regulations On E-CigarettesThe FDA is proposing regulations on e-cigarettes that will include banning sales to minors. We discussed e-cigs versus real cigs this morning.
Our Bizarre Eating HabitsSome won't eat misshapen food, others will divide their candy and devour by colors. We shared our bizarre eating habits this morning.
Radio Feedback: Neon Trees' Tyler Glenn Says His Mom Made His First Time Even BetterOne thing Tyler Glenn would like you to know about his mom is that she makes everything bigger and better. This includes, but not limited to, the first time he heard his band Neon Trees on the radio.

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