[VIDEO] Lufkin Woman Slips Handcuffs And Leads Police On 100 MPH ChaseThe Lufkin police department have released a video of a woman, who had been arrested for shoplifting, slipping her handcuffs and stealing a police SUV. The woman then lead police an a crazy 100 mph car chase.
Florida Police Officer Puts An Alligator In HandcuffsWhenever there's a story involving alligators, it's always useful to remember that the alligators were here first - by a few million years. That said, any modern encounter with these prehistoric beasts can always be interesting - like this one in Florida.
'X Factor' Auditions Recap: Britney Sings & Talent ReignsThis week's contestants knocked it out of the park with their star-studded talent. But of course, every episode has to have its own share of wacky. There were handcuffs, a thief and Britney SINGS!

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