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Hangover Spray Is What You Need In Your Life This Weekend!You need this hangover spray in your life!
New "Hangover Free" Alcohol Is On The Way!Imperial College professor David Nutt has created a new type of synthetic alcohol which mirror all the "positive and sociable" effects of the real thing, all without the inevitable morning after hangover
Mom Turns Her Daughters Hangover Picture Into A Birthday Cake And It's Awesome!This is hilarious!
Report: White Wine Is Better Choice for Hangover PreventionThe clearer the wine, the clearer your brain the next day. According to research conducted in Australian, something called congeners – which help create color and flavor of all alcoholic beverages -- also helps create hangovers.
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Finally, A Real Hangover CureLike going out and having a good time, but not really into the hangover the next day? Well you are in luck, because finally there is a real hangover cure.
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How to avoid a hangover on New Year's Day?
Psy Performs 'Gangnam Style' In Gangnam For The First Time To Celebrate World Cup 2014Psy has performed "Gangnam Style" all over the world. Well, everywhere except South Korea's Gangnam district, which was the inspiration for the track. That is until today (June 18).
Science Working On Hangover Free Beer
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