One Sign Your Relationship Is A Happy OneIn this case, no news really IS good news.
Canine Corner: HappyLook at this adorable furball!
Celebs Are Getting Surgery To Have A Permanent SmileIs surgery worth not looking completely ungrateful if you happen to lose an award?
Dog Lovers Are Blessed And Happy, Cat Lovers Are Sad And Single According To New SurveyFirst off, we are only reporting what this survey said. We love both cats and dogs and we want to adopt them all.
Texas Named As One Of The Ten Happiest States According To New PollA recent Gallup poll confirmed the existence of Southern Hospitality, as Texas was recently named as one of the top ten happiest states in the country.
New Device Helps Track Your Dog's HappinessInupathy is a new Japanese product for dogs with a light-up harness that senses their heart rate and conveys information about their emotions via changes in color.
Study Shows Facebook Can Lift Your Mood
Study: The Older We Get, The Happier We AreWho’d have thought that research on happiness and aging would show more unhappiness in our 20s and 30s when we’re young, strong and good looking? Yep, according to a new study, we’re happier and enjoy better mental health as we get older.
Four Happiness Tips From New Book, ‘Think Happy'There's a new self-help book making the rounds, and the author has one bit of advice for all of us: things are going to go wrong no matter what.
Custom Hospital Gowns Help Sick Patients Feel Like Themselves Again.The blank walls and bright lights offer little variety, either, and for many patients, life in the hospital can be boring, and unfortunately dehumanizing.
Secret to Happy Marriage is 7-8 Hours of SleepWhen couples married 50-60 years are interviewed about what made their marriage last, they usually say things like honesty, respect and a sense of humor. I don’t recall any saying “we both get plenty of sleep” – but a new study suggests sleep is just the ticket. In fact, sleep is what allows those other positive aspects.
Remember Sad Papaw? He Had A Cookout And The Entire Country Showed Up!

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