Selena Gomez Underwent Emergency Kidney Transplant Surgery Over The Summer; Posts Adorable Pic With Friend Who DonatedSelena Gomez noticeably laid low during the summer.
Angelina Jolie Isn't Digging The Single Life
Here Are 7 Signs That Prove You Might Be Working Too HardWe live in a society that prides itself on those who work hard.
8 Things That Make You Less AttractiveThe laws of attraction are such a mystery and are constantly changing to keep up with today's trends and standards.
Should We Shower at Night Or In The Morning?The website asks a question we’ve all no-doubt wrestled with… to start or end the day with a shower.
Texas: State With the Highest Maternal Mortality Deaths in the World
Study Shows Complimenting Others Makes You Feel BetterThe suggestion is simple, but it must be authentic.
The Many Ways Beer is Good For Your HealthHave you noticed there’s a regular study showing the benefits of moderate beer intake?
Demi Lovato Speaks Out About Her Mental Health
Smelling Food Can Cause You To Gain Weight!Nothing is sacred anymore, apparently.  
Your Showering Habits May Be Giving You BacneMore than 50% of women and 40% of men in their '20s are afflicted with back acne, and dermatologist Christie Kidd says our showering habits may be the cause of it.  
Too Much Activated Charcoal Can Have An Adverse Effect On Birth ControlActivated charcoal is a huge trend right now.  People are using it brush their teeth, to supplement detox diets, and its often used to turn foods to a very rich and dark shade of black.

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