Melania Trump Is Getting Called Out For Heading To Texas Wearing High HeelsThe Trumps have officially landed in Texas.
Mariah Carey Works Out In High Heels, Fishnets, & PantiesSome days, we have no explanation for why celebrities do what they do, especially when it comes to Mariah Carey. Lately, Mimi has been somewhat unpredictable.
Watch This Woman Surf... In High Heels!
"Jurassic Park" Movies...With Everyone (Dinos Included) In High Heels?Velociraptors look adorable in pumps.
Ladies Aren't Allowed Into Cannes Unless They're Wearing One Of These...I've heard of dress codes, but this seems too strict.
Guys In High Heels Do Pussycat DollsWhat’s better than woman in heels? How about men in heels?
Leigh Ann: Working Out In High Heels?I love high heels...I mean really love them. But I'm not sure I'm coordinated enough to work out in them.
The Perfect Gift For Women On Valentine's Day: Chocolate HeelsChocolate and shoes combined into one amazing Valentine's Day gift! A local chocolatier has a creation that will win you points for Valentine's Day.
Women Start Getting 'Toe Jobs'
Model Has Trouble On Runway
Maybe Leigh Ann Should Stop Wearing Those Heels
Best Invention EVER!

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