Mom Declares Her 10-Year-Old Is "Done With Homework" After Watching Her Become "Junior Workaholic"Bunmi Laditan was tired of seeing her 10-year-old daughter become so stressed over homework.
We Cannot Figure Out The Answer To This Kindergartner's Homework AssignmentHey we're all adults, and being adults we should be able to complete a homework assignment meant for a Kindergartner in no time flat.
Girl Messages Police For Help With Math Homework, Police Respond With SolutionLena Draper is a 10-year-old fifth grader from Marion, Ohio.
This App Will Do Your Math Homework For You!Where was this when we were kids!
17 Homework Answers That Were So Bad They Were Actually AMAZING!!
Texas Teacher Is In Hot Water After Drawing Male Private Parts All Over A Student's Homework
14-Year-Old Girl Suspended For Her Colorful Answers On Her Sex Ed Homework
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New App Makes Math Homework Obsolete
Hailey's Dream Vacation

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