Girl Hospitalized After Being Struck by 105 Mph Foul Ball at Yankee StadiumThe child was given first aid at the ballpark and is receiving medical attention at an area hospital.
Gas Station Nachos Have Officially Killed SomeoneOne person is dead and nine others have been hospitalized after eating contaminated nacho cheese sauce at a gas station just outside of Sacramento, California.
Richard Simmons Hospitalized For "Severe Indigestion"Fitness Guru, Richard Simmons has been admitted to the hospital for "Severe Indigestion."
Nick Cannon Released From Hospital After Five Blood Transfusions
Debbie Reynolds Hospitalized For Possible StrokeAccording to reports Debbie Reynolds has been rushed to the hospital and has possibly suffered a stroke.
Kanye West Hospitalized For Mental IssuesWe hope he's alright.
Amy Schumer Hospitalized In Paris After She Got Food Poisoning!Poor thing! You know this had to suck!
Fitness Guru Richard Simmons HospitalizedFitness guru and cultural icon Richard Simmons was hospitalized over the weekend after an apparent bout with dehydration.
Kendall Jenner Was Hospitalized For Exhaustion!
WARNING: How Your Blue Jeans Can Damage Your Health!But I wear 'em like every day!
Casey Kasem's Wife Throws Hamburger at Daughter
Seinfeld Star Survives Suicide Attempt

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