The Winner of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Just Ate 72 Hot Dogs and the Internet Can't Look AwayThis is the competitive eaters 10th time winning this contest!
Oscar Mayer Introduces The "WeinerDrone," The Latest Vehicle Added To The "Weinerfleet"Oscar Mayer's Weinermobile is famous worldwide.  On Monday, Oscar Mayer introduced a couple of new vehicles to its now expanding "Weinerfleet."
WARNING: Specific "Nathan's" and "Curtis" Hot Dogs RecalledIf you have purchased these items, return the items to the point of purchase for a refund, or dispose of the items, immediately.
Joey Chestnut Downs 70 Hot Dogs In Ten Minutes (Video)The most important thing we observe on the 4th of July is always the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Contest.
Processed Meats Cause CancerEventually, everything will give you cancer. And now, you can add processed meats to the lis
There's PEOPLE In Your Hot Dogs!Parts is parts! However, I bet you always assumed you were eating animal parts and NOT human DNA!
Have You Seen the Disney Princess Hot Dogs?I wouldn’t post these if I wasn’t positive they’d make you laugh.
4-Year-Old Starts Campaign To Rebuild Park Destroyed In West Fertilizer Plant Explosion4-year-old Parker has a simple wish to see a city park rebuilt after it was destroyed by the West Fertilizer Plant Explosion.
The Bacon Hot Dog Weenie You've Been Waiting For Has Finally Arrived
Spiral-Cut Hot Dogs Will Change The Way You GrillYou will never look at hot dogs the same way again. From Chow Tips comes a revolutionary way to grill hot dogs. Spiral-cut hot dogs. It's a complete game changer!
Rachael Ray Is In Dallas For A Book Signing
Katy Perry Talks Hot Dogs, Tacos And Fourth of July Fireworks

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