Here's Some Hilarious Tweets From Parents
Jennifer Aniston Slams Pregnancy Rumors, Body Shaming in EssayAfter decades in the public eye, Jennifer Aniston has finally said enough is enough. In an essay titled For The Record, she states: "I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up.”
Release Some Stress With The NSFW Cuss Word Adult Coloring BookYou're welcome to color...just don't do it around the kids. Or at work.
Amy Schumer Shuts Down The Female Culture Of "Sorry" In New SketchIt's this culture of over-apologizing that Amy Schumer tackles in her sketch "I'm Sorry."
World's Ugliest Dog
'Maleficent' Propels Jolie To Personal Best Opening Weekend Ever'Maleficent' put all the other movies to sleep with a $70 million debut weekend.
Justin Beiber Arrested
BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton Is...Click through to find out!
Crazy Celebrity Tour DemandsWhen a celebrity performs, they like their backstage space set up a certain way, but some celebrities go cray cray with their demands.
Blockbuster's Last In Store Rental Was...Here is a hint, it stars Seth Rogen...Check out this hilarious, only in 'murica story.
Cory And Topanga Return In "Girl Meets World"
World's Biggest Liar To Be Named Soon

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