Crane Places Illegally Parked Car Onto Building's Roof Until Driver Pays FinesA woman had her car parked illegally for 38 hours straight in Benxi city, China, and refused to pay a fine.  
Turns Out Alamo Drafthouse's "Women Only" Screenings Of Wonder Woman Were Illegal, Offer Written Apology To City Of AustinIn what was supposed to be a celebration of women, Alamo Drafthouse offered several screenings of the film Wonder Woman that were advertised as for "women only."  
Singer Arrested For Dabbing On Stage In Middle Of PerformanceAbdallah Al Shaharani is a television host, actor, and aspiring artist who was participating in a musical contest over the weekend.
New Video Footage Shows Harrison Ford's Illegal Taxiway LandingLast week Harrison Ford got into a bit of trouble after he landed his plane of the taxiway at John Wayne Airport. Not only that, but he also managed to fly over a passenger plane full of people in the the process.
Unauthorized Password Sharing Ruled Illegal. What Does This Mean For Netflix Sharing?Last Tuesday, the United States Court of Appeals in the Ninth Circuit ruled that unauthorized password sharing is illegal under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
Things That People Who Hate Mornings Would Like To OutlawAre you a morning person? If you are great, and if not that makes you like most of us who like our sleep. Frankly you morning people are cramping our style.
Should Texting And Walking Be Illegal? This State Is Trying To Make It Against The Law!
Marijuana Expo Is Coming To DFW!How do you feel about it?
10 Everyday Things That Are Banned In Other CountriesCan you believe these things are illegal?!
Bruce Jenner Calls The Police, Paparazzi Broke The Law
These Women Are Accused Of Doing Fake Butt Injections With Super Glue
Scott Disick: Trying to Get Sober In Costa Rica With A Treatment Illegal In USA

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