Drop Everything And Start Instagramming, Social Media Influencers Earn Up To $500 Per PostIt pays to be really adept at social media nowadays.
This Viral Curly Hair Meme Is Driving Everyone Crazy Trying To Figure It OutThose who have used a curling iron before are probably pretty familiar with "beach waves" the ringlets your hair makes before you brush them out completely.
Internet Gives Alan Sealls The "Best Weatherman EVER" Award, His Station Responds With An Appropriate TrophyIn the midst of Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Katia it's hard to find a bright spot. However, the internets accepted the challenge and found the greatest weatherman on Earth!
These 17 Google Easter Eggs Are Perfect For Those Times You're Bored At The Office!Whatever your excuse, Google has got your back.  Deep within the bowels of Google, there are plenty of hidden easter eggs and treats for you to enjoy!
See Who's Left Your Friend Request Hanging On Facebook With This Simple Hack!If the friend request is left "pending," the sender is automatically subscribed to your updates, giving the appearance that the request was accepted.
Bed Sheet Debate: Flat or Fitted?Here’s a diversion from all the plagues us today. The latest debate taking over social media involves bed sheets.
Amy Schumer Was In The Crowd During A Taping Of "Judge Judy," And The Internet Could Not Handle Itself!Last May, comedian and actress Amy Schumer paid a visit to the set of reality show Judge Judy where she had a pretty prominent place in the audience for the courtroom drama.
Can You Do Twitter's Weird Finger Challenge?It's time for another weird internet challenge. Pop your knuckles and shake out your hands, things are about to get intense.
Woman Attends Internet Themed Costume Party Dressed As Unsolicited Junk PicWomen today are all to familiar with the unsolicited junk pic.
Check Out Our Favorite Net Neutrality MemesWednesday, July 12th several websites purposefully slowed down their sites in an effort to save Net Neutrality.
World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Changes Name Due To "Negative Connotations" Associated With Its InitialsThe World Taekwondo Federation has been known as such since the organization was established in 1973.  
93-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Asks The Internet To Help Pick Out A Wedding Dress (Photos)Sylvia Martin is a 93-year-old great grandmother from Canberra, Australia who finally said "yes" to her boyfriend of 20 years Frank Raymond, 88.

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