Investigation Shows 'A Dog's Purpose' Video Was Edited to Mislead PublicThat controversial video from the set of A Dog's Purpose was doctored to mislead the public, so says a investigation into the incident.
Is Kanye West Being Investigated For Insurance Fraud?Hopefully this isn't true!
Brad Pitts Investigation Has Now Reached The FBI!This looks like its getting bad!
Girl Using $2 Bill At Lunch Triggers Police Investigation At Texas SchoolRemember the $2 bill? Yeah neither did school officials at McAuliffe Middle School outside of Houston.
Cesar Millan "The Dog Whisperer" Is Being Investigated For Animal Cruelty!Say it ain't so!!!
Chipotle Is Under Criminal Investigation!
This Daycare Is Being Investigated For Drugging It's Babies To Help Them Sleep
FDA Is Investigating Kim Kardashian After Instagram Post
Bruce Jenner Fatal Crash - Odds Are He'll Avoid Charges
Bobbi Kristina: Facial Injuries Prior To Being Found In Bathtub Sparked Foul Play InvestigationAs we have moved into a new week, more information has emerged into the police's investigation.
Bobbi Kristina FOUL PLAY Investigation Opened, Centers On Boyfriend!There is now a criminal foul play investigation open in Georgia, it's centered around Bobbi Kristina's boyfriend!
Who Did It? FBI Focusing On Sony Employee As Potential Source Of Hacker Leak!

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