Impress Your Friends With These Hidden iOS 11 Features On Your iPhone And iPadThese are 10 features you wouldn't normally see right away.
Texas Sheriff's Office Pleads: "Do Not Test The '108' Command On Siri"If you have an Apple device, chances are you use Siri (the intelligent personal voice assistant) for a good number of things: reminders, timers...recommendations on good places to eat in the area. However, one of Siri's "safety" features is backfiring in a viral prank that has authorities steaming.
Apple Simplifies iPad Name, Updates and Lowers PriceIf you have been putting off purchasing a tablet, Apple is making an effort to help revitalize tablet sales, by updating it's iPad Air, and lowering the price!
5-Year-Old Creates A Hands-Free iPad Device With The Help Of A Glass TableIf you think about, there's no real easy way to watch your iPad or phone while laying down. Yes, they make stands to prop up your devices, but you really can't lay on your back to watch.
San Francisco Restaurant Uses Ipads As PlatesAnd a lot of people don't find it as cool as you'd think.
Watch This Dolphin Grab A Woman's iPad Out Of Her Hands At Sea World!This dolphin is pretty sneaky!
Could the End of Apple be Near?
140 Questions You Need To Ask Siri On Your Apple DeviceHang with friends and family this weekend...and try a few of these out for a good laugh!
Apple Loses Lawsuit and Must Pay $628,000,000!!!CNN reports VirnetX (VHC) is a patent holding company which profits by suing businesses it believes to have infringed on it's intellectual property, has taken on, and won... in a case against Apple!
Attention iPhone & iPad Users, Crash Safari Will Kill Your Device & Force A RebootIf you have an iPhone or iPad, there is a prank website running right now that will cause your phone to crash.
7-Year-Old Boy Racks Up $6000 Bill Playing 'Jurassic World' On His Dad's iPadWe'll show you how to make sure it doesn't happen to you.
Great News For Apple iPhone, iPad And Mac UsersThis is a life (and SANITY) saver!

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