The Bite Helper Claims To Stop The Itch In 45 SecondsTexas is the worst when it comes to mosquitoes. Plus with all the rain we've been having lately, you can't get away from them. Bug spray doesn't seem to work either, it only entices them.
Vicks VapoRub Is The Answer To Those Itchy Mosquito BitesWe are in the thick of mosquito season. Those pesky little buggers attack as soon as you open the door.
Jennifer Lawrence Almost Killed Someone Due To Her "Butt Itchin'"Jennifer Lawrence told a story of how she almost killed someone while filming one of the Hunger Games movies while in Hawaii, all because she needed to scratch her itchy butt.
PHOTO: Sybil's FrankenfingerI wish the worst kind of death of the little jerk who did this to me.
Monkey Has An Itch That Needs Scratching

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