Ed Sheeran Discusess Facial Scar Left From Sword Accident; Places Blame On James BluntLast October, a noticeable scar began appearing on Ed Sheeran's face.
Ed Sheeran's Face Was Sliced Open With A Sword (PHOTOS)By a princess no less!
James Blunt's Label Wants Him Off TwitterWhen he sings, he's all "You're Beautiful." When he tweets, it may be about your mum.
You Are Not Alone: James Blunt Also Got Sick of Hearing 'You're Beautiful'"It was force-fed down people's throats, and it became annoying."
Interview: James Blunt Accepts 'You're Beautiful' & Returns to His Indie Roots on 'Moon Landing'In 2005, a former army captain named James Blunt made a little indie album called 'Back to Bedlam' with producer Tom Rothrock. Nearly 10 years later, Blunt is back working with Rothrock on the indie album he had planned to make originally.
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