Cape Cod Beach Closed After Paddleboarder's Close Encounter With Great White SharkDuuun dun duuun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun...
Your 'Jaws' Nightmare Continues: The Great White Shark Population Off Cape Cod Has DoubledAnd you thought ONE shark was bad...
Deep Blue: Could This Be The Biggest Shark Ever Captured On Film?Eat your heart out, "Jaws"...
VIDEO: 6.5 Foot Shark Caught (And Released) Off North Carolina CoastYou're gonna need a bigger fishing pole!
You Pick: Which Studio Should I Broadcast From At Universal Studios? #Jaws or #T2?Which studio should I do my first show from on Monday? You pick it!
Five Frightening Film Scores For Halloween5 of the scariest films of all time that wouldn't have produced the same amount of chills if it hadn't been for the music.
Scare Yourself Thin This Halloween: Horror Movies Burn Calories
Beat David Rancken -- June 21, 2010

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