Detachable Jeans Are Now a Thing and It's Just as Horrible as It SoundsAnd you can score a pair of these for a one-time low price of $425.
Nordstrom's Is Selling Muddy Jeans For $425Who would buy these?
Topshop Selling $100 Plastic Jeans That Are Completely See-ThroughDon't worry though, the pants are totally machine-washable, because that's biggest concern someone should have when considering buying plastic, see-through jeans.
Zipper Back Jeans Should Not Be A ThingNow you have to option to expose your butt whenever you want.
JNCO Jeans Are Back And Bigger Than EverIt seems that the era of skinny jeans has come and gone.
Wedgie Jeans Are A Real Thing Now! No Seriously, They Are!Why would you want a wedgie on purpose? This makes no sense to us?
New Winter Trend: Frozen PantsIf it gets cold enough in DFW, we should play along!
How Should Dog Pants Be Worn?It's the great debate of 2016!
Remember JNCO? It Looks Like They Are Coming Back!
Kendall Jenner Just Posed Topless In Her New Calvin Klein Jeans
Coffee-Infused Jeans Coming Soon From American EagleI must not understand how jeans are made as this is one of the stranger headlines I’ve read, but…
Super-Skinny Jeans Saved This Man From Being Robbed

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