Stephen Colbert Responds To #FireColbertHost of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert, isn't too concerned that people are outrage of his monologue Trump comments. Nor does he care that there's a hashtag trying to get him removed from his current position.
Dating App Hiring Intern Who Will Get Paid To Go On DatesSometimes dating feels like a job, right? The dressing up fancy and driving out to basically what feels like a job interview when you're first getting to know a person can often be more stressful than needs to be.
Cards Against Humanity Wants To Hire Former President Barack Obama As Their CEOEver played Card Against Humanity? It's a great party game, but it's not what you would call "family friendly."
The Ten Most Stressful Experiences In Modern LifeA new survey revealed the ten most stressful experiences a person can experience in their lifetime.
Father Fired For Missing Work Due To Birth Of His Son30-year-old Lamar Austin's son was the first child born in 2017 in Concord, New Hampshire.
'Bored to Death' 89-Year-Old Retiree Posts Ad for Job; Gets Hired ImmediatelyGives whole new meaning to ‘survival job.’
You Can Make Money Eating Pizza And Watching Football!Now this is a dream job!
Kim Kardashian Thinks The Robbery Was An Inside Job!Something just doesn't add up about this!
Did Taylor Swift Get A Boob Job?Do you think she actually got a boob job?
Average Employee Spend $3,300 Per Year To Go To WorkFile this under you have to ‘spend money to make money.’ A survey from CareerBuilder found that we spend a whole bunch of cash just to have a job. $276 per month! Yep, more than 3 grand per year on work-related things.
This Guy Quit His Job So He Could Travel The World And Hunt Pokémon
Harry Potter Star Tom Felton Joins The Cast Of The FlashGood news Harry Potter fans! Tom Felton has a new job!

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