Ketchup Flavored Pringles Are Finally Making Their Way To The United StatesKetchup-flavored potato chips have been a longtime staple in the snack game for our friendly neighbors up north in Canada. For whatever reason, the market for ketchup potato chips hasn't found its way down south...until now.
Couple Staged Murder With Ketchup And Texted FriendsPolice in Sandusky, Ohio are saying a couple staged a murder scene in a bathtub and then texted the photos to their friends. Yeah probably not the best idea for a prank.
Here Are The 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Eat Ketchup!
Woman Gets Naked In Restaurant Covers Herself In Ketchup
High School Students Invent Solution For Watery KetchupHigh school students invent solution to stop watery ketchup, but we came up with more food annoyances they should fix as well.
What Zazza & Julie Leave In The Studio: Vodka & Ketchup
Swiping Spicy Ketchup Packets And Hotel RobesAdmit it... we've all swiped something from a hotel or restaurant. From ketchup packets to the salt & pepper shakers, what have you taken?
Spiral-Cut Hot Dogs Will Change The Way You GrillYou will never look at hot dogs the same way again. From Chow Tips comes a revolutionary way to grill hot dogs. Spiral-cut hot dogs. It's a complete game changer!
How Do You Eat Your Fletcher's Corny Dog?
The Great Ketchup On A Corn Dog Debate, Round Two
It's The Great Ketchup On Your Dog Debate

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