Wife Furious With Husband For Drinking All Night Attacks Him With A Machete (Video)Isn't the old expression "Hell hath no fury like a wife with a machete."
Grand Prairie Election Judge's Death Causes Huge Delay At Polling Station!Things got off to a bad start in Grand Prairie this morning!
Dad's Late Note For His Daughters School Is The Greatest Thing You Will Ever See!
Ben Stiller's Tribute To His Late Mom Will Touch Your Heart
Anna Wintour Does Hilarious Late Night Video With Seth Meyers
VIDEO: NBC News' Brian Williams Raps "Baby Got Back"The internet blew up when The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon released a mash up video of Brian Williams doing Rapper's Delight, now it's going to blow up again!
Miami Fans Angry After Late Start To Madonna ShowThe Material Girl is having issues on her MDNA tour.
How Early Do You Prepare For Black Friday?
Gene And Julie’s Big Fat Liar Today Is…

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